Raspberry Pi Emulator lets you emulate Raspberry Pi 3 hardware running a Raspbian system, inside your Windows system. It's ideal when you want to test your software and don't want to bother switching to actual Raspberry Pi hardware, or just want to take a quick look at what Raspbian looks like.

This program is just a wrapper for qemu system, as qemu has no gui, and it's main purpose is to save you time typing all those pesky arguments into the command line to get qemu started. You can still see the whole command used to run qemu so you can change anything to your liking prior to running it.

The emulator lets you chose the system image which will boot and ammount of RAM. Unfortunately current version of qemu doesn't support using more than 256MB RAM but that seems to be enough to run Raspbian anyway.

Since the image file boots directly without creating a virtual hard drive, it will have no free space for you to store your data, so it is recommended to expand it. This wrapper also has an option to do that.

Note: qemu doesn't work well with all Raspbian versions. Raspbian Stretch(2017-11-29) is tested and known to work, so I recommend you get it here: http://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbian/images/raspbian-2017-12-01/

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